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The key to

is a

uniquely designed plan

Welcome! I'm Ashley.

I offer coaching & consulting to leaders & entrepreneurs in charities, small businesses, and churches to articulate their unique purpose and build achievable implementation plans for their goals.

leading with purpose


- Exhausted from giving your all (even for a cause you're passionate about) and desire a more life-giving way to achieve impact and meaning?

- Overwhelmed by a list of things you'd love to achieve but unsure how to tackle the next hurdle ahead in a way that builds on your passion & strengths and places your team, if you have one, in the right roles?

- Weighed down by the concerns of your organisation surviving and your people thriving and wish someone could help prioritise the right things, for you, your team, and your organisation. 

No leader should feel alone, wondering if they have what it takes to achieve the dreams set before them. They just need someone to remind them who they are, what they've been designed to do, and help them create an achievable launch plan.

I can help.

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  • Build a work and personal life that is fuelled by your unique purpose, tackling the challenges you are passionate about, solving problems from your unique perspective, and bringing joy and wonder in the way that only you can.

  • Design short & long-term career goals that lead to meaning and impact.

  • Craft roles & responsibilities for you & your direct reports that are effective & fulfilling, ensuring that your team are in the best seats for your organisation to thrive.

  • Describe your role & your mission with clarity that others can visualise & rally around.

  • Build an organisation/team that doesn't just exist but is able to name its unique place in the market, deliver specialised value, gain champions through clarity, and create more valuable partnerships.









Coaching Programme

Specifically curated coaching content to help you articulate your unique purpose and build a plan to live it out.


Discover the clues of how God uniquely designed you. Describe your purpose in words that help you see and step into it. Develop your purpose as you put it into practise with a personalised plan.


Experience the wonder of your purpose

in action.


Coaching & Consulting

I help executive leaders design implementation plans their team can rally around. Whether you are an entrepreneur with an idea to get off the ground, an existing organisation looking to tackle the next challenge ahead, or a leader looking to grow their own leadership abilities, I can help you develop a plan that builds upon your purpose & passions, takes into account the needs of your target audience, best utilises your team, delivers measurable movement, and engages your stakeholders.


For those of preferring to start small and are looking for resources to use now, these are for you. You can use them on your own to help you discover and launch your unique purpose. It is a growing library with various resources to assist you along your journey. Take a look at what is on offer now and keep checking back for more.



download a freebie


See how you were uniquely designed to live a fulfilling life that empowers others. 6 Aspects of Purposeful Sight leads you through six readings and exercises. Complete one a day as part of a daily devotional or devour them all at once. May it bless you in your journey of discovering your most purposeful self.


Let me be

your guide

I know what it's like to have a keep-you-up-all-night, constantly-day-dreaming, desire to do good things that deliver value to people and also feels fulfilling in the process. I know what it is like to be so overwhelmed trying to know where to begin that I just stayed stuck. The longer I remained frozen, the more I started to doubt myself and wonder if I had what it takes.

Then I developed plans that got me moving, delivered value to others, and were fun to execute. I realised these plans worked for others, like you, too. 

After twenty years’ experience in the business, philanthropic, and charity sectors across four continents, I've helped over a dozen entrepreneurs and leaders launch and scale and produced content in over 70 countries and more than 40 languages. My aim is to help leaders develop implementation plans to live out their unique purpose through their work. In addition to my business experience, I was the Executive Director of a philanthropic foundation, Founder of a charity, and Senior Leadership Team member of a global charity. My master’s level studies include: the University of Cambridge (Business and Social Justice), Indiana State University (Human Resource Development), and Dallas Theological Seminary (Leadership Development). 


Entrepreneurs and leaders inspire me every day! I love coaching because it allows me to help people do the things that they love in order to achieve the dreams set before them. 


'I always felt God tugging on me to do "more" but never understood what that looked like until I started this program with Ashley. Her gift of discernment and her ability to weave social change and God's word through her coaching pointed me towards God's calling on my life and broadened my social lens to see how my life can contribute to healing and empowering others. Through this coaching I developed a purpose statement that helped me gain the confidence to name what I’ve been designed to do and filters to know when to say yes or no to an opportunity. Within a month I received a volunteer opportunity that was a perfect match for my purpose statement. I can now articulate my unique passions and abilities and have the confidence to use them to empower others and glorify God even in the waiting.'


'Ashley was instrumental in helping us to think through our proposition before we launched our social enterprise. She was a key person who helped develop the meaning and structure of 'social impact' from our work together, which then became a significant piece of intellectual property for e.g.culture. Ashley is a dedicated, astute and highly capable person who has the experience and skills to help organisations develop and refine their strategy and tactical plans. Her experience in the not-for-profit sector is particularly valuable to those who seek to perform at their best. I would recommend her highly.'


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